Whether it’s smooth or textured, weathered or patent, leather adds a whole new dimension to your luggage game: unparalleled style and sophistication. And upgrading your overnight bag—a vital piece in every traveler’s luggage collection—to a classic leather piece will make that one- or two-night getaway even better.

Whether you’re packing up and hitting the road for a quick weekend away or bringing an overnight bag as a piece of your luggage set for a longer journey, it’s key to have something to pack up just the necessities.

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There are bountiful styles of weekender bags out there, but this time, we’re focusing on material, and the best of the best, at that. This bag needs to be big enough for a couple outfits, toiletries, and a few other odds and ends, but small enough to take up minimal space in a car or overhead compartment. Plus, no one wants to end the weekend with sore shoulders, so compact and easily carried is the name of the game.

Here are a range of leather overnight bags (real and faux), to score points in the style department without skimping on utility

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