Pippa Middleton is quickly becoming our favorite style star for finding affordable and stylish shoes. Of course, she loves her Manolo Blahniks. (Don’t we all?) But every now and then, she puts us up on brands that that won’t break the bank.

Most recently, she wowed at Wimbledon in Hush Puppies. Yes, the same shoe brand you probably wore back in middle school. It’s not only for kids. They’ve got some amazing heels that are cute and comfortable. And the best part: They’re super inexpensive. The exact color that Middleton wore with her off-the-shoulder Tephi dress ($496; tephi.co.uk) isn’t available any longer, but you can score the black, tan, or navy version for as low as $35 on Amazon. That’s less than a week of frappuccinos at Starbucks.

VIDEO: See Pippa Middleton’s Best Style Moments


And those aren’t the only cost-effective heels that Middleton has been spotted wearing. There are more styles below that you still have time to get your hands on.

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